Executive Dashboard
How to Drive Performance with the French Tableau de Bord

Methods, Tools and Techniques for Decision Makers

Definition, Principle, Role and Limits of Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard is not just a mere measurement tool. It is primarily a multi-function instrument, indispensable guarantor of the implementation of the improvement process according to the principle of the French Tableau de Bord.
Executive dashboard is indeed the key component of mastered performance management.
Mastering the design of executive dashboards is a determining factor of successful implementation of a winning strategy. On the condition that the role and scope of this instrument of decision support are understood beforehand.

What is a performance dashboard?

A performance dashboard is not a checking instrument anymore.
It is performance measurement tool, a key to progress approach.

Executive Dashboard and Performance Measurement

What is performance? How to measure performance? Why measuring performance?
Executive Dashboard
Fig1: Executive dashboard example

Executive Dashboard? Allright!
But what do we measure?

What are the performance measurement perspectives to lead the reactive company?

How to choose a pertinent key performance indicator KPI?

Five recommendations to choose a reliable and really pertinent key performance indicator KPI.

Methodology to Succeed a Business Intelligence Project

Building the cooperative performance dashboard :
Gimsi® methodology for managing a Business Intelligence project

GIMSI is a well proven method for handling in 10 stages all the phases of cooperative performance dashboard project. Selecting goals, choosing pertinent key performance indicators, building a cooperative performance dashboard.

A 10 milestones roadmap for a Cooperative Performance dashboard

This book presents a practical and concrete approach for defining new performance indicators that help decision-makers run their businesses in this age of urgency and uncertainty. Apart from the cost factor, it enables assessments of created values to be made (clients, shareholders, employees, partners, public...)

Gimsi Methodology

The 4 Main Phases of the Gimsi Methodology.

Build your executive dashboard with Microsoft Excel in 5 steps

The methodology suggested in this book uses the most recent principles of designing executive dashboards to adapt them to the managers needs. Rapidity and completion at low cost are the two top priorities.

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Performance Dashboards
Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Business
Wayne W. Eckerson

Performance Dashboards
2nd edition 2010
Performance Dashboards Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Business 2nd edition 2010

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